Election24: Korcok: I Won, But Keep My Feet on Ground

Election24: Korcok: I Won, But Keep My Feet on Ground
Presidential candidate Ivan Korcok after the release of unofficial first-round results on March 24, 2024, photo by TASR

Bratislava, March 24 (TASR) - It seems that I won the first round, presidential candidate Ivan Korcok commented on the unofficial results of the presidential race on Sunday.

Korcok reiterated that he keeps his feet on the ground and added that he needs to do more to reach out to voters from broader political spectrum as well, particularly voters of the governing coalition.

"I'd like to talk more with those tens of thousands of coalition voters, who are not happy with the direction to which the Government is dragging Slovakia," stated Korcok, referring to voters unhappy with the Government's foreign affairs policy and the transformation of RTVS public broadcaster into the state television.

According to the presidential candidate, it's also necessary to discuss promises the governing coalition gave the people before the election and the brain drain among the young people.

Korcok plans to vie for votes of those who supported Igor Matovic and Krisztian Forro in the first round. He reiterated that offers them a presidency that won't follow anyone's orders but represent the whole country instead and make sure that the constitutional bodies operate properly. Korcok declared his readiness to cooperate with the Government but also criticise it if the need arises.

Korcok thanked political parties, volunteers, his family and election team for their support, and the state bodies for the organisation of the election.