Danko: Brussels Officials Distant from Reality, EU Needs Reform

Parliamentary Chairman Andrej Danko. (Photo by TASR)

Bratislava, June 24 (TASR) – Slovakia must take a lesson from the Brexit referendum, and as the presiding country of the EU Council soon it should show that “we, as a small nation, are able to be rational, set the tone for talks, analyse the situation and carry out measures,” Parliamentary Chairman Andrej Danko (SNS) said Friday.

“The result of the referendum doesn’t mean that Britain is leaving tomorrow. The Slovak Government must have enough stamina to be able to preside,” said Danko at a press briefing.

“I’m watching the statements of certain world leaders and I also see fear,” said Danko, adding that the EU mustn’t ignore the results of the referendum and leave problems unresolved.

“The EU must undergo reform. People see officials distant from reality, MEPs oblivous to how their citizens live, thousands of assistants and other staff, crazy salaries and bonuses for EU functionaries and, at the same time, the EU’s failure to tackle problems such as the migration crisis … you begin to think that these people have perhaps lost their sound judgement,” said Danko, who hopes that the result of the referendum won’t lead to chaos.

At the same time it’s necessary to realise the EU’s benefits. “Schengen and the opportunity to work on the European market are important mainly for eastern countries. We must boost what helps us in life,” said Danko.

Danko believes that Slovakia should preserve its national identity and at the same time support things that help its people. “I believe that this referendum will be a signal for European officials … to wake up. I believe that we’ll draw an appropriate lesson,” he said.

Similar to Prime Minister Robert Fico earlier in the day, Danko also called on the parliamentary Opposition to stop spreading hysteria, intrigues and chaos concerning the alleged links of Interior Minister Robert Kalinak and perhaps even Premier Fico himself to wealthy businessman investigated for tax fraud Ladislav Basernak. “I’m not pleading to cover up rogues, but for meeting and debating the system – for putting the bad guys where they belong,” he said. His hope is that “Slovakia won’t be embarrassed” during its presidency of the EU Council due Opposition’s heavy-handed attempts to remove senior Government figures.