Fico: I Recognise Results of UK Election and Congratulate Winner

Prime Minister Robert Fico (stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava/Presov, June 9 (TASR) – I respect the general election results in the United Kingdom, and I want the European Union (EU) to conclude the negotiations on the UK’s decision to leave the Union responsibly, stated Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico of the leftist coalition Smer-SD party at a briefing in Presov on Friday.

“First of all, I respect what has happened. The winner of the election, the Conservative Party, should be congratulated. Within the family of socialist and leftist parties, the Labour Party, which has gained a considerably high number of seats, should be congratulated as well, despite not becoming the overall winner. However, the [election] figures suggest that the formation of a new governing structure [in Britain] won’t be that simple,” said the premier.

Fico went on to say that he wants the remaining 27 EU-member states to stay together and to create a counterweight to the UK. “It would be very dangerous if the outcome of the Brexit talks was that Britain left strengthened and stronger than an EU-member state. A message that leaving the EU is beneficial would serve as the worst example for everyone,” he added.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservatives failed to secure a majority in Thursday’s snap election, which was called with the expressed intention of securing a stronger mandate for May going into Brexit negotiations with the EU.