Norwegian Constitution Day Celebrated by Students in Martin

Norwegian students celebrating the Norwegian Constitution Day in Martin (photo by TASR)

Martin, May 17 (TASR) – Two hundred Norwegian students and Deputy Ambassador of Norway to Slovakia Rannveig Skofteland all dressed in national costumes commemorated the Norwegian Constitution Day in the Slovak Village Museum in Martin (Zilina region) on Tuesday.

“The Norwegian Constitution was drafted in 1814. We’re very proud that it was democratic and focused on human rights and minorities already at that time. We’re proud that we’ve succeeded in building a well-functioning democracy and a well-functioning social state,” said Skofteland.

Skofteland noted that it is typical for people to meet and celebrate the Constitution Day. “There are various parades in cities in the morning for children mostly. They march and wave flags with their parents and grandparents cheering. Then they return to schools and can eat all the ice cream they want. It’s good to meet youngsters. There’s a lot of young students here in Martin and we like to celebrate with them,” added Skofteland.