Ricziova Candidate for Additional Judge at General Court of EU Again

illustration picture (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, August 22 (TASR) – Beatrix Ricziova has become a candidate for the post of additional judge at the General Court of the EU in Luxembourg for a second term.

For the reasons outlined below, Ricziova has been serving in the post only since July 6 of this year. “Two months are not any sort of mandate. I took part in the first election determined to run for the post in a second term as well,” stated Ricziova.

The Judicial Council was unable to elect a suitable candidate for the post as of September 2016. The Council of the EU’s consulting body at intervals rejected bids by Slovakia’s candidates Martina Janosikova, Michal Kucera, Maria Patakyova (who was later appointed as ombudswoman in Slovakia), former politician Radoslav Prochazka and judge Ivan Rumana.

After several years, Slovakia managed to fill the post near the end of the term in question after its candidate Ricziova was positively assessed following her hearing in June 2022. Ricziova, who was nominated for the post by Justice Minister Maria Kolikova (SaS) and Judicial Council chairman Jan Mazak, with her unambiguous victory in Monday’s election defended the post she gained two months ago.

“Naturally, Slovakia should also fill the second post,” said Ricziova, meaning the second judge post at the General Court of the EU to which Slovakia is eligible. However, this remains vacant following Monday’s failure to elect a judge of the General Court of the EU.

According to Ricziova, there’s no difference between the post of an additional judge and a judge of the General Court of the EU. “Since the reform in 2015 the two posts have been equal, each country has a right to two judges,” she explained.