Situation in Turkey Returns to Normal, Summer Resorts Safe and Secure

A man lays in front of a tank in the entrance to Istanbul's Ataturk airport, early Saturday, July 16, 2016 (Ismail Coskun/IHA via AP)

Bratislava, July 16 (TASR) – After a turbulent and chaotic night in the wake of the coup attempt by a faction of the military, the situation in Turkey has returned to normal. The country’s summer resorts are safe, with no other incidents being reported and the operation of the Ataturk Airport fully restored, according to the statement provided to TASR by the Turkish Embassy to Slovakia on Saturday.

Turkey is grateful for statements of solidarity and support from Slovakia’s representatives, said the Embassy.

The attempt to overthrow a democratically-elected Turkish Government was thwarted by the Turkish nation that made a stand for democracy in a show of unity and solidarity. “Our President (Recep Tayyip Erdogan) and the Government have things under control. Turkish military hasn’t been involved in the coup attempt as a whole. It was carried out by a clique within the armed forces and outside the chain of command leadership,” reads the statement by the Embassy.

During the attempted putsch, the insurgents occupied a number of media, including the public Turkish Radio and Television (TRT), and used them for propagandist purposes. Thanks to the crackdown by the state security forces, however, all media organisations have been liberated and free broadcast has resumed.

All political parties in the Turkish Parliament unanimously condemned the putsch attempt.

Out of military insurgents, 3,000 individuals were arrested and 100 died during the violent clashes with state forces. Furthermore, 161 civilians lost their lives and some 1,400 were left injured.

Eight putschists fled to Greece in a military helicopter and have asked for asylum. Turkish authorities are in talks with their Greek counterparts and attempt to negotiate their extradition.