Slovak Ambassador to China and Mongolia Vladimir Jakabcin Dies


Bratislava, February 9 (TASR) – Career diplomat and Slovak Ambassador to China and Mongolia Vladimir Jakabcin, 59, died on Monday (February 8), Foreign and European Affairs Minister Miroslav Lajcak announced on Facebook on Tuesday.

“The worst thing about death is that it’s unforeseeable. Suddenly and without saying goodbye a person has passed away whom I held dear. A professional, a colleague who has done an enormous amount of work for our ministry and for Slovak diplomacy,” wrote Lajcak.

President Andrej Kiska appointed Jakabcin as the new Ambassador in Beijing. “Death came for him unexpectedly at his workplace, where he was, as always, full of dedication for this country, its interests and its citizens,” wrote Lajcak.

Jakabcin was director of the ministry’s consul department for three years prior to taking up the post in China. According to Lajcak, Jakabcin was extraordinarily dedicated in that post. “He was the soul of the crisis staff when there was a threat to Slovak citizens beyond Slovak borders. He helped to resolve many sensitive problems faced by our people abroad. You could read about some incidents in the media, about some you couldn’t, but always when the Government’s special aircraft took off to evacuate Slovak citizens, he was on board,” said Lajcak.

Jakabcin also represented Slovakia as ambassador in Turkey and as deputy ambassador in Poland.