Slovakia Sent Humanitarian Aid Worth €85,000 to Lithuania on Friday

migrants in a new refugee camp in Lithuania (photo by TASR/AP)

Bratislava, July 30 (TASR) – Slovakia on Friday dispatched €85,000 worth of humanitarian aid for Lithuania to help the country cope with increasing illegal migration and the coronavirus pandemic, TASR has learnt from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ (MFA) communication department.

The aid has been set aside from the Interior Ministry’s supplies. It included sleeping bags, mats, blankets, heaters, tents, as well as lighting kits. The dispatch has been completed to include also 1,500 pieces of hygienic packages from the Armed Forces’ Ecumenical Pastoral Service Centre, which will be transported to Lithuania in mid-August. “The cost of transport related to the provision of material humanitarian aid will be covered by the European Union up to 75 percent,” said MFA.

MFA State Secretary Ingrid Brockova noted that the decision on provision of immediate humanitarian aid is a natural expression of solidarity and fellowship. At the same time, it is a particular step by which Slovakia will contribute to the protection of the Schengen zone and the stabilisation of the entire Baltic region. “Lithuania is a partner of Slovakia in European and transatlantic structures and it is currently facing a dramatic influx of illegal migrants. The situation purposefully stimulated by the Belarusian regime can be called a hybrid threat, which does not concern only Lithuania, but has an impact on all EU members, including Slovakia,” said Brockova.

Lithuania has asked for the strengthening of the EU’s external border through Frontex due to increased illegal migration. “Slovakia responded to this request by sending four police officers with a vehicle to the Lithuanian-Belarusian border,” said MFA, adding they will be completed by two more police officers as of August 10.