SNS: EU Must Show Clear Benefits of Membership

(Stock photo by TASR/AP)

Bratislava, January 17 (TASR) – The time has come for the EU to show that it will last, and those who believe that it would be better for Great Britain to leave must be proven wrong, coalition Slovak National Party (SNS) spokesperson Julia Kollarova told TASR on Tuesday.

According to another coalition party Most-Hid, as related to TASR by party spokesperson Klara Debnar, Great Britain shouldn’t become the EU’s competitor or enemy. “We should do our utmost to continue good cooperation, as we remain members of NATO, in which Britain plays an important role. Maintaining close Euro-Atlantic ties is vital for the stability not only of Slovakia but of the whole EU in our view,” said Debnar.

The party representatives spoke in response to statements made by British Prime Minister Theresa May earlier in the day. May outlined her plan for the UK’s departure from the EU in the wake of last year’s Brexit referendum.

According to May, the terms of Brexit are clear: Great Britain is not interested in partial EU membership or any other solution based on which it would be “half in and half out”.

Following its departure from the EU, Britain won’t strive for membership of the joint European market, although it is interested in the largest possible access to it. London will hold talks with the EU on free trade and won’t contribute to the EU budget, said May. Great Britain will remain “a good friend and neighbour” to the EU, whose citizens will “continue to be welcome” in the country even after Brexit. However, Britain will take control over the number of EU citizens allowed to come and live on its soil, although the May Government wants to guarantee the rights of EU citizens in Britain “as soon as possible”.