SNS: EU Steers Away from Its Original Idea, Needs Overhaul

Slovak National Party first vice-chairman Jaroslav Paska (stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, February 23 (TASR) – The European Union is steering away from the original idea to create a powerful trading block able to compete with other global superpowers, said Slovak National Party (SNS) first vice-chairman Jaroslav Paska on Tuesday.

Paska said that now the EU is heading towards setting up some kind of European “superstate” and he doesn’t like that. He’d like during Slovakia’s upcoming presidency of the EU (latter half of 2016) – along with other relevant partners – to see Brussels pressurised into undergoing some kind of meaningful reform.

“A reform that would replace the exaggerated ambitions of Brussels administration to rule, command and regulate with a good, constructive and pragmatic cooperation of European states. A reform that wouldn’t prevent EU-member states legitimately asking for something they desire and wouldn’t antagonise them up to the point of their withdrawal from the union,” asserted Paska.

“Recent activities of British politicians with respect to the EU’s reform and British referendum on staying in the EU, however, indicate that these voices calling for reform will slowly cease to be unrestrained, but rather coordinated and well-thought through,” emphasised Paska.

The Poprad Memorandum, which was adopted by SNS almost three years ago, asks for a fundamental change to the European community. The document stipulates 15 areas where change is inevitable. For example, changing the electoral system of the European Parliament, stopping the precipitous centralisation of the union. Better to leave certain relevant powers in the hands of national parliaments and governments, according to SNS.