Traffic Restrictions in Bratislava during EU Parliamentary Chairs Session

(stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, October 5 (TASR) – Traffic measures for the informal summit of EU parliamentary leaders taking place in Bratislava this week (October 6-7) won’t be to the extent as those during the EU Bratislava summit in September, TASR learnt from Interior Ministry spokesman Petar Lazarov on Wednesday. 

The Bratislava Regional Police Directorate is calling attention to traffic restrictions for Bratislava roads on Thursday and Friday (October 6-7).

“Certain traffic restrictions may take place on October 6 during the transferring of delegations from Bratislava M.R. Stefanik Airport and from the border crossing Jarovce-Kittsee to the delegations’ hotels (River Park Hotel, Austria Trend, Sheraton, Carlton) as well as during their transfer to Bratislava Castle in the afternoon and evening,” said Lazarov.

On Friday from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m., during the transfer of delegations from the abovementioned hotels to the Reduta building on Medena Street, and in the afternoon during their transfers from the city centre to the airport and to the border crossing Jarovce, the regulation of traffic will be provided by traffic police patrols.

Meanwhile, the Bratislava Regional Police Directorate alerts all drivers that they are obliged to follow the traffic rules and behave in a disciplined way so that they do not jeopardise the safety and continuity of traffic.

Moreover the directorate calls attention to the Interior Ministry’s website, which will provide up-to-date traffic information on these days.