Günter Geiler: Practical solutions that work for your retail operations

Günter Geiler: Practical solutions that work for your retail operations

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Geiler started his career at the CRM department at A1 Telekom Austria, Austria’s incumbent and leading telecommunication company in 2008. After leading the CRM Residential team for several years, he changed to the Residential Sales department in 2016. As Sales Efficiency Manager he uses new technologies and tools to gain better insights what happened at the POS and why it happened, in order to compare and improve sales performance.

Could you tell us what are some practical solutions that work for your retail operations?

In 2018 we started our journey to a new sales and POS design concept. It is a transformation from a transactional to a customer experience focused approach.

New technologies help us to make shopping a better experience to our customers; make it consistent across all our shops; save us money and come across with today’s changing market and customer behavior.

Take electronic shelf labels (ESL) and digital signage as an example. Promotions and prices are changing frequently. In the past it depended on the store manager to change the price tags; new folders had to be printed taking several days to be produced and distributed to the stores. Nowadays we can change it within minutes, saving us time and money. And it’s consistent across all our shops and our online store.

There are a several use cases where new technology and concepts can help us to improve our sales performance.Some of them will be addressed in my presentation.

What will your presentation be about, why should slovak retailers come to see your presentation?

In my presentation I will you show the way to our new POS design & sales concept.
I will introduce you our main hypotheses and goals on the new concept; and how prototyping, digital signage, lift and learn, touchscreens, electronic shelf tags, the ticketing system, and in-store analytics support us to achieve our goals.


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