H.E. RAJIVA MISRA: “I was surprised by strong traditions”

H.E. RAJIVA MISRA: “I was surprised by strong traditions”

Bratislava, February 27 (TABLET.TV) – I was surprised by strong family traditions, pride of local habits, diversity of the country but also a good wine, says Ambassador of India Mr. Rajiva Misra after three years of staying in our country. Slovakia is a little country, but only when we are talking about the area. “In fact, Slovakia is fighting in a higher weight category”, mentions the Indian diplomat. Traditional question about whether he likes “bryndza” did not surprise him. He likes it and they eat it with fried onion at home.

The former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Slovakia Mr. Pavol Demes has his new TV show named CD klub. He shows foreign diplomats in Slovakia, their experiences with Slovak people and he is talking about their opinion on our country.

Watch our monthly show CD klub.

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