Heger: Closed Facilities Eligible for State Aid Under 3B Scheme in December

Heger: Closed Facilities Eligible for State Aid Under 3B Scheme in December

Bratislava, December 12 (TASR) – Facilities that have been closed since late November due to pandemic measures will be eligible for the state aid for December in case that their revenues dropped by more than 40 percent, Premier Eduard Heger, Finance Minister Igor Matovic (both OLaNO) and Labour Minister Milan Krajniak (We Are Family) announced a joint news conference on Sunday.

The Government has thus returned the 3B measure to the so-called first aid that is provided under the company support scheme.

“There are still facilities hit by lockdown and we do think of them,” stated Heger. “We are opening the 3B scheme, the so-called First Aid Plus, for them for December,” he added.

Krajniak specified that facilities must meet the condition of the 40-percent and higher drop in revenues to gain this kind of support. Businesses that have been closed as of December 1 due to tougher anti-pandemic measures and have up to 50 employees will be eligible for the state aid.

Companies or self-employed whose turnover dropped by 40-60 percent will get €450 per employee, while those with a turnover drop between 60 – 80 percent will get €630 per employee. If companies’ turnover fell by more than 80 percent, they will be eligible for €810 per employee.

According to Krajniak, small-sized companies need support most, as bigger ones are able to draw the state aid according to the 3A scheme.

The ministers explained they’re announcing the decision on Sunday due to the need to inform entrepreneurs about it as soon as possible. However, entrepreneurs cannot apply for the December aid sooner than in January, based on the real drop in their revenues.