OTS: In Austria, you will only succeed with exceptional quality

OTS: In Austria, you will only succeed with exceptional quality
Photo: EU Poultry

Bratislava, May 14 (TASR/OTS) - Any supplier trying to succeed on the Austrian market will confirm this. The Austrians have extremely strict requirements for the import of poultry and fresh food, often exceeding the conditions applicable in the EU.

While the fulfillment of the harmonized import rules applies generally throughout the European Union, it may not be enough when expanding to the Austrian market. Austrians are known for their institutional support of the domestic market. An important institution is, for example, the Austrian Association for Quality Poultry (QGV), which manages health programs for poultry and which sets parameters throughout the industry. Thanks to the activities of QGV, since 2011, the use of antibiotics in poultry farming on the domestic market has decreased by 56%. Thanks to QGV, a unique central poultry database was also launched. Austrians simply control the quality of fresh food like probably no other country in Europe.

The highly set criteria of the demanding Austrian market were a challenge for EU Poultry. It is currently the largest Slovak processor of poultry meat and holder of SCS, BRC GS and Halal international certificates. However, thanks to elaborate internal standards, constant control and quality, it met the requirements of the market, which is practically only 60 kilometers away from the processing plant in Horné Saliby in Slovakia.

"We know that for companies from Slovakia, but also from Eastern Europe in general, it is difficult to even present arguments to potential partners in Austria. During the past three years, we have managed to convince several large trade and wholesale chains in Austria, and we are currently their regular suppliers. We are very proud that our Austrian customers trust us. We consistently meet their strict quality requirements," says Friedrich Strack, MBA, EU Poultry Country Manager for Austria.

One of the decisive factors for success on the Austrian market is, in addition to the high and stable quality of deliveries, faultless service and a wide range of services. The company EU Poultry exports to 21 other European countries. It is regularly checked by auditors of both multinational and local customers and institutions. It has implemented its own internal quality control model, which is up to four times more demanding and stricter than commonly applicable standards. Last year, it achieved a turnover of over 10 million euros in Austria.

About EU Poultry s.r.o.

We are a Slovak company, a specialist in the processing and distribution of high-quality chicken meat and meat products. We supply products to 22 European countries. Annually, we process more than 40 thousand tons of poultry meat. In the year 2023, we achieved revenues of more than 158 million euros. Our production and storage facilities have been located near the village of Horné Saliby since 2017. We employ more than 300 people. We are a member of the Slovak Poultry Union. You can find EU Poultry s.r.o. at https://poultryeu.eu/ and also on social networks like. YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn.