INEKO: State Doesn't Give People Real Data on Planned Motorways

INEKO: State Doesn't Give People Real Data on Planned Motorways

Bratislava, November 22 (TASR) – The state doesn’t provide the public with accurate information and real deadlines for the construction or completion of the majority of more than 80 kilometres of planned motorway and expressway stretches worth around €20 billion, stated representatives of the Institute for Economic and Social Reforms (INEKO) at a press conference on Wednesday.

In response, INEKO has created its own interactive map summarising all the data obtained on the road stretches in question. The map features, for instance, information on traffic flows, the levels of preparation of the given roads along with INEKO’s own estimates for when they will be launched and completed.

The map is available on the website as of Wednesday and INEKO intends to update it regularly. “We are, unfortunately, in a situation in which the [Transport and Construction] ministry and the National Highway Company [NDS] are failing in terms of transparency and in providing basic information on such important projects. So, we’ve decided to provide this transparency, at least partly,” said INEKO analyst Jan Kovalcik at the press conference.

Kovalcik went on to say that if the motorway deadlines officially presented by the ministry and NDS were real, NDS would have to triple the number as well as the total length of road projects between 2020-27.

“That is completely out of the question. It would be impossible even if it were a professional, top-notch company,” added Kovalcik, noting that by unveiling the map, INEKO wants to initiate a public debate in this regard.

The Transport Ministry responded to INEKO’s initiative by saying that NDS on its website transparently informs the public about the current state of preparation of every single road stretch, and it also updates the information regularly. “The real construction date depends on a number of factors and processes, so it’s not announced in advance in order to avoid misinterpretation,” stated the ministry.