Jan Mazak Remains at Helm of Judicial Council

Jan Mazak Remains at Helm of Judicial Council
Judicial Council Chair Jan Mazak (R) and Judicial Council Vice-chair Jan Gandzala during a session of the council convened to oust Jan Mazak from the post on December 14, 2023 (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, December 14 (TASR) - Members of the Judicial Council didn't oust their chair Jan Mazak from the post on Thursday, as nine members voted for his dismissal, three abstained and three were against.

A total of ten votes were needed for Mazak's ouster.

Mazak didn't vote. The debate preceding the vote lasted more than six hours.

The proposal for the ouster was initiated by six Judicial Council members, who claimed that Mazak had been consistently violating his duties and his continued stay at the helm of the Council might seriously undermine the trustworthiness of the judiciary.

In his speech, Mazak argued with increased figures of public trust in the judiciary seen ever since he's begun to chair the Judicial Council. He rejected allegations of having violated his duties.

"Few can imagine what it means to chair the Judicial Council of the Slovak Republic in the brand new legal environment that was here since January 1, 2021," said Mazak.

A total of ten votes were needed for his dismissal. "I perceive the fact that only three members voiced real support for him a great signal, sent to him as the Council chair," underlined member Marcela Kosova. She pointed out that none of the representatives nominated by judges opposed the motion.

The proposal was initiated by Marcela Kosova, Ayse Pruzinec Eren, Dana Jelinkova Dudzikova, Magdalena Hromcova, Peter Samko and Martin Bezak.