Most-Hid: Helpful Social-Economic Measures Adopted Thanks to Us

Most-Hid: Helpful Social-Economic Measures Adopted Thanks to Us

Bratislava, December 10 (TASR) – Measures that have helped people have been taken in the social-economic field in Slovakia, claimed the co-governing Most-Hid party on Tuesday, stating that it’s managed to push through ten measures in this area.

“We’ve been part of the Government for four years, and we’ve submitted bills in the social and economic field and supporting those that came from the Government. We’ve adopted laws that people have benefited from,” MP Iren Sarkozy (Most-Hid) told a news conference.

In the field of pensions, the party noted that it contributed towards increases, resolved the grievances of so-called old-age pensioners [people who retired before January 1, 2004 – ed note] and federal pensioners and improved conditions for pensioners who want to make some extra money. “We wanted to help active pensioners. Some 100,000 of them work while retired, and they became more attractive labour for employers thanks to our measures,” stated Sarkozy.

As for taxes, Most-Hid highlighted a reduction in taxes for employees and the self-employed in the form of increasing the non-taxable part of the tax base. In addition, the tax bonus per child has been increased. According to Sarkozy, this measure will affect the parents of 250,000 children. “It’s targeted support, and exactly such measures do help families,” stated Sarkozy, adding that loans to newly-weds provided from the State Housing Development Fund should help families as well.

The party claims that it’s also managed to stabilise the second (capitalisation) pension pillar and increase the freedom to handle second-pillar savings after reaching retirement age. “There are no more ‘attacks’ on the second pillar. We’ve even made it more attractive and improved it,” stated Labour Ministry State Secretary Ivan Svejna.

Most-Hid said that if it manages to succeed in the election, it wants to continue with such measures. “We realise that Slovakia is getting older, people are living longer and the retirement age won’t only be about pension levels. We want people to live a dignified life with dignified pensions,” stated Sarkozy.