New Bus Station in Mlynske Nivy Opened on Thursday

New Bus Station in Mlynske Nivy Opened on Thursday

Bratislava, September 30 (TASR) – Bratislava’s new main bus station in the area known as Mlynske Nivy was opened on Thursday.

Developer HB Reavis on Thursday morning symbolically handed the bus station over to bus transport operator Slovak Lines, which is supposed to operate it for the next 40 years.

The new Nivy Shopping Centre with its green roof was also opened to the public on Thursday. The first biketower in the Slovak capital will be opened in the Nivy complex as well.

“I’m pleased that we managed to complete this structure after four years of work on it. I believe that a place that everyone strove to avoid will turn into a place that people will like,” said HB Reavis Slovakia general director Rene Popik, adding that a modern bus terminal of the highest European standards is being handed over to the city of Bratislava and Bratislava region.

Slovak Lines general director Pavol Labant said that his company has plenty of experience in running bus stations, and he believes that this apply to the new terminal as well. “We dispatched the first bus from here to Schwechat airport [in Vienna] at 3 a.m. Suburban buses have been arriving here since the morning without any problems,” he said, adding that he believes a modern terminal in Mlynske Nivy will help to increase the number of people using public transport.

Bratislava Region governor Juraj Droba noted that the bus station is a gateway to the capital and to Bratislava region. “I’m pleased that it looks so unique, and from what I’ve learnt, not many European cities have such a high-standard and modern bus station,” he said. He hopes that travel by bus will become rather more refined thanks to this and that people will start using public transport more, as they are mostly using cars to travel within the region at the moment. “As many as 75 percent of residents of Bratislava region use individual [car] transport to travel, while a mere 25 percent use public transport,” stated Droba, who is happy that the bus station in Bratislava will no longer be a source of shame.

Bratislava mayor Matus Vallo stated that there’s no problem finding ten differences between the old and new bus stations. “I’m glad that entering Bratislava for both visitors and residents will be at a 21st-century level,” he said. Vallo welcomes the fact that agreement has been achieved with the developer regarding the improvement of pathways, cycle paths, greenery and the number of parking places in the vicinity. “I’m pleased that Bratislava will have at least one main station of a global level,” stated Vallo, declaring that he’s trying to bring about change at the main railway station in cooperation with the state as well.

Construction work on the Nivy complex started in 2017. In addition to an international bus terminal, it includes a shopping centre, market hall and high-rise office building. The green roof boasts a jogging track, places to exercise or have picnics, a community garden and play areas for children.