New Penal Code Passed by Parliament

New Penal Code Passed by Parliament
Stock photo by TASR

Bratislava, February 8 (TASR) - The Special Prosecutor's Office (USP) will be abolished, statutes of limitations shortened, criminal damages classification increased and sentencing for corruption- and property-related crimes will become more lenient, as Parliament approved the new Penal Code bill in a fast-tracked procedure on Thursday.

Corruption cases attended to by the Special Prosecutor's Office are to be transferred to regional prosecutor's offices. The declared aim, according to the submitter, is to streamline the efficiency of the prosecution service, make it independent of political influences and enhance respect for the rule of law.

New rules will also be introduced to terms of cooperation between the police, prosecutor's office and cooperating defendants.

In light of overcrowded Slovak prisons, the new rules will also guide judges to put more emphasis on the use of fines and house arrests instead of sentencing convicted individuals to jail.