OTS: Autonomous Driving Will Change Everything

OTS: Autonomous Driving Will Change Everything

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Autonomous Vehicles Summit Press Release 3.9.2019

The first year of the two-day international conference Autonomous Vehicles Summit focuses on autonomous vehicles and the conditions of their adoption in the environment of cities and regions of the country. The event will be held on September 19 – 20, 2019 in Pan-European University Bratislava, provided of a sufficient number of participants.

The period of adoption of autonomous vehicles is approaching and will be a reality in the coming years also in Slovakia & the region. Development  in the area of autonomous vehicles (AVs) are going in all directions in the world dramatically ahead, and among other things the  latest models of the most modern cars will be in museums in a few years. Progress in the development of AVs, in their production, and in their gradual adoption into the environment of countries will affect not only mobility as such, but the life of the whole society. The current trend in the development of AVs offers opportunities for IT innovation in a wide range of issues, including in the context of the need for infrastructure readiness and infrastructure changes for the adoption of autonomous vehicles in cities, on  higjhways, and in urban areas in the environment of regions.

You can learn more about Autonomous Vehicles and their adoption in cities and towns at Autonomous Vehicles Summit. Among other things, one of the speakers of the Autonomous Vehicles Summit, – Harald Martin Myhre / Ruter from Norway, will share with his active participation in the event the operation of the AV as part of the Oslo public transport network and explain how key cross- organizational structure in the implementation of the project of the adoption of autonomous cars, buses and trams. The benefits of adopting AVs will have the country ready for adoption. Judging from the responses to our offers to cooperate with MINDOP and others, Slovakia does not seem to be concerned with the opportunities for innovation and AVs, despite the fact that Slovakia is a giant in the production of “classic” cars, while it lags far behind the world. .

Autonomous Vehicles Summit is an opportunity to visit the future of the coming age of autonomous vehicles and  creates opportunities for techno innovators, people building smart cities with their infrastructure and for business.

Video Invitation to Autonomous Vehicles Summit (Slovak lecturer)


Video invitation to Autonomous Vehicles Summit (lecturer UK -IBM)

There shall be during the summit 11 PANELs of interactive sessions (roundtables), including the scientific and technological part of the conference with moderated panel discussions of the summit topics, the possibility to use B2matching meetings system and in EXPO part will be possible for relevant  bodies ( technology companies, universities, academy also automakers, OEMs, smart cities urbanists, business firms and organizations,..) . to present themself in their own stand .

At the Autonomous Vehicles Summit  more than > 35 active top  either local speakers or speakers from abroad   with lectures will present  the latest knowledge of R&D, AI and V2X – V2V – V2I – V2P, V2N C – V2X, etc. in the area of ​​AVs, respectively. Autonomous vehicle adoption issues, AVs legislation, AVs testing, AVs applications, AVs adoption impacts and other AVs related areas .

In connection with the Autonomous Vehicles Summit, we have prepared and established the Regional AVs development platform, the regional AVs support platform (RAVsDP) in Bratislava, August 30, 2019. We also invite participants of Autonomous Vehicles Summit, relevant companies and individuals to join RAVsDP. Contact us!

Simultaneous translation of Slovak-English-Slovak is provided for the summit not only for lectures, but also for interactive online panel discussions in which every participant can participate.

J. C. Trade Bridge International Ltd., Bratislava
Contact: +421 903 447 629

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