OTS: Autonomous Vehicles summit Slovakia is the largest event in the CEE

OTS: Autonomous Vehicles summit Slovakia is the largest event in the CEE

II. The year of the two-day international conference, AUTONOMOUS VEHICLES SUMMIT Slovakia, which is the largest event in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) focused on autonomous vehicles and innovations in the context of mobility solutions, was an extraordinary event for competent participants.

The summit presented speeches by top speakers – autonomous vehicle experts from Slovakia, Europe and the world, including a presentation of the global leading AI platform, KEYNOTE techno giant BAIDU, and experience in the context was presented by top speakers from Estonia, Denmark, Norway, Hungary, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Belgium, Germany, the Czech Republic and other countries. At the summit presented speaker Mr. Varga from the Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic also the intentions of Slovakia on the field od autonomous vehicles, and the intentions of the EU was presented by the speaker of the European Commission Mr. Geert Van der Linden from DG MOVE in the area . After all speeches at the summit followed panel discussions with summit audience.

What was achieved by embodiment II. of the Autonomous Vehicles Summit?
A number of top world speakers at the highest level presented what the countries needs most in mobility solutions using autonomous vehicles and presented, based on its own development / experience, not only outputs but also procedures for achieving optimal ways, resp. great results in this area in practice.

With the gradual development, there is a convergence with the operation of vehicles without a live driver, to which the practice is gradually coming and in large cases with the exponentially growing trend in the field of AVS will come over the next few years.

In this context, the world speakers also presented at the summit the details needed to implement autonomous vehicles in cities and regions where preparedness is needed in addition to legislation and rules and other attributes, in particular changes and improvement of infrastructure as well.

Slovakia in the given area is significantly behind the world and behind all its neighbors. Not only Bratislava and other towns in Slovakia, but also larger cities and municipalities in Slovakia and CEE region face the problem of ensuring adequate public transport. Many of them do not have the appropriate infrastructure to support the needs of their citizens, a gap that can be is largely filled by self-driving cars.

Among other things, the summit laid the foundations of the Autonom Mobility Region Bratislava platform created by the summit, with lectures by a team of experts in context.

Autonomous Vehicles Summit = participants and speakers of the summit experienced an active 2 days full of knowledge, inspiration and innovation.

Experts highly rated the level of the summit, including. among others. Member of the Slovak Academy of Science Presidium, Mrs. Ivana Budinská, who stated: “Let me thank you for organizing the Autonomous Vehicle Summit on 9 and 10 December 2021. The summit on a very current topic was of an above-standard level. The topics presented were extremely interesting. Thematically, they covered several areas related to the issue of autonomous vehicles, from legislative, through technological and practical topics. I especially appreciated the presentations of existing examples from other countries, which are inspiring for Slovakia. Lectures on the introduction of autonomous transport in connection with the environment and the construction of smart cities (Smart Cities) were also interesting. I wish you that next year will also bring interesting lectures on important topics, and that the contribution of AVS will also progress in the introduction of autonomous transport in Slovakia.”

The high level and benefits of the summit, with the contribution of the event to the development of AVS in Slovakia and in the world, were appreciated by a number of other domestic and foreign experts in the field of autonomous vehicles, of which we cite at least some: “Despite the ON-LINE form II. The Autonomous Vehicles Summit in Bratislava, with its level and content, confirmed its validity and need for the development of innovative trends in the development of artificial intelligence for modern transport in Slovakia. The unprecedented development of methods of artificial intelligence, process digitization, communication and information technologies applicable in the field of autonomous mobile systems was sufficiently presented in high-quality contributions. The summit program was suitably complemented by presentations in related areas, such as the problems of modern energy infrastructure for autonomous mobile systems. The organizers of the summit should be thanked for managing the event and at the same time wish them a successful preparation for the 2022 summit.”

Another experts in the field of AVs stated: “The lectures also in II. edition of Autonomous Vehicles Summit were very inspiring and rewarding. I am very pleased that in this progressive area of future technologies, an event of such high quality is dedicated to Slovakia” and other stated “I was very pleasantly surprised that there is also a community of people in Slovakia who deal with this issue more or less, directly or indirectly.

Unfortunately, given the very limited opportunities that grant schemes in Slovakia offer to researchers in this field, even our outputs cannot be very far beyond those to whom the support of science and research in their countries is much more generous. From this point of view, I perceive this event as an important impulse that has the potential to attract the interest not only of the professional public, but also potential customers of such products and related services, as well as public or state officials who are responsible for technological development of our economy. It was the wide range of topics in this event that allowed its participants to realize the complexity of the issue of autonomous vehicles and their use in transport, which combines with its multi-disciplinary nature a number of seemingly unrelated areas, not only technical, but also urban or legislative. Of course, it was also a very beneficial event for me personally, where I got interesting ideas, had the opportunity to see this issue in its complexity as well as get an overview of interesting research teams, all in one place ”

We highly value the words of experts – the summit attendies/participants. The outcome of the summit confirmed that autonomous vehicles are a reality in the world. At the same time, the summit confirmed that Slovakia is lagging behind the world in practice in this area, despite the fact that it has top experts in the field of autonomy and in many cases the state does not support innovation at all.

Our fully innovation-oriented unique and unrivaled event in Slovakia, that was is realized under auspices of Ministry of economy of Slovakia and summit was opened by speech of doc. RNDr. Ladislav Miko, Ph.D., Head of the EU Commission’s Representation in Slovakia and summit was suported nonfinancial directly by Ministry of Education, Science and Sports of the Slovak Republic

According to the founder of the project Autonomous Vehicles Summit (Slovakia), p. Jozef Čajko, the duel of autonomous vehicles versus classic vehicles is gaining more and more dynamism in favor of autonomous vehicles and the positive effects of the adoption of autonomous vehicles in several countries already bring benefits not only in mobility solutions but in the whole spectrum of other related activities and their positive effects on society.

The organizer of the Autonomous Vehicles Summit is already preparing its III. edition at 2022 to which top speakers of Autonomous vehicles and other participants are welcome.

Summit organized by the Autonomous Vehicles Summit J.C.Trade Bridge International s.r.o., Bratislava
Contact: info@autonomousvehiclessummit.eu

More details:
Official event website https://www.autonomousvehiclessummit.eu/
FB page: https://www.facebook.com/AutonomousVehiclesSummit.eu

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