OTS: Blue Boson's Fifth Technology Revolution: Environmental Engineering and Regenerative Energy

OTS: Blue Boson's Fifth Technology Revolution: Environmental Engineering and Regenerative Energy

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Blue Boson’s Fifth Technology Revolution: environmental engineering and regenerative energy

For the first time in human history, the environment is becoming a higher priority for society than the economy. An example of this approach in practice is the current policy of the European Union, which is having to deal with an energy crisis of unprecedented proportions. But can we reconcile these two key aspects of our lives?

Blue Boson’s 25 years of research and development of environmental technologies, as well as global experience, show how to effectively combine the words of environmental engineering with energy efficiency. Although innovation is growing at a hyperbolic pace, the rate at which new solutions are being introduced into industrial production is reminiscent of another era that should be a thing of the past. Some entrepreneurs understand the need for change and are directing their efforts in that direction. Among the companies that have taken this approach are Skoda, CEZ, Slovnaft, Duslo, Engie, LG Chem, Selenis Europe SA, Evertis Ibérica SA, Zespol Elektrowni PAK and other big names.

Blue Boson technology scale (Source: Blue Boson)

The above companies are showing the world how to tackle the global challenge of climate change. In fact, they have joined forces with Blue Boson to develop solutions that will be discussed at the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow on 31 October 2021.

Blue Boson focuses on improving environmental and energy efficiency by using quantum physical processing of gases, fuels and liquids, including water, without chemicals. The result is not only double-digit savings in energy consumption, but also a revolution in environmental protection.

Through environmental engineering using its flagship Blue Boson® Effector technology, IMG Group has successfully implemented the first company-wide project to improve the efficiency of its refrigeration and steam circuits. The technology has been in operation since May 2021 and in the first 3 months has saved 50,010 Nm3 of natural gas at its industrial facilities in Portugal. This represents a nearly 7% reduction in average annual natural gas consumption. In addition, greenhouse gas emissions have been reduced by 108 tonnes over this period.

The companies have agreed to further develop the partnership by implementing solutions across all process circuits in their industrial facilities in Portugal, throughout Europe, as well as North and South America.

By working together, the companies are striving to improve the IMG Group’s environmental footprint to the point where the companies in the group can make a real contribution to environmental restoration and the restoration of the ecosystems in which they operate. In perfect symbiosis with nature, they want to deliver products with the lowest possible environmental cost in terms of CO₂ emissions, energy consumption and water footprint.

Man-made climate change is having a catastrophic effect on our planet. Energy is the backbone of the global economy. Both fuel and energy are used in electricity generation, heating and cooling, and industrial production processes. The way energy is produced and used has a major impact on the quality of the environment and the health and safety of the population.

Blue Boson® Environmental Engineering helps companies involved in industrial manufacturing understand the environmental impact of processes and products. It also accompanies companies through this transition period. It helps companies to be regenerative and to start contributing to restoring environmental balance and increasing biodiversity – in addition to increasing efficiency.

The leader of Blue Boson® is Robert Zagozdzon, who since 1995 has demonopolized European markets in areas such as telecommunications, finance to energy.

Robert Zagozdzon, Blue Boson Executive Chief Officer

Today, a global revolution in environmental efficiency is taking place, encompassing everything from water reclamation to energy efficiency and putting people at the centre of the eco-system. Finally, man is finding his proper place and points out that the 5th technological revolution will involve the most advanced technology such as man himself.

In this atmosphere of creativity, innovation and an open approach to business, Blue Boson was born. Thanks to research and implementations carried out in collaboration with many customers in the EU, international auditors such as Engie and universities in Europe, as well as the Japanese University of Kobe, a wide range of applications have been developed.

This means that by partnering with Blue Boson, the industry can make a significant contribution to shaping a better world by focusing on the idea of “cleaning up the planet” that was so much discussed at the climate summit.

Join the coming revolution as a partner or ambassador at www.blueboson.eu


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