Parliament Passes Amendment to State Budget Law

Parliament Passes Amendment to State Budget Law

Bratislava, May 28 (TASR) – Parliament on Friday approved an amendment to the 2021 state budget law, with 79 of the 127 MPs present voting for the bill.

Parliament dealt with the bill via a fast-tracked procedure.

In line with the motion, the expenditures side of the budget will be hiked by €3.74 billion and thus reach €27.6 billion.

Originally, expenditures should only have been increased by less than €3.4 billion.

In the same proportion the planned budget deficit will increase from less than €8.1 billion to as much as €11.8 billion. The so-called COVID-19 reserve will be enlarged by an additional €294.9 million, i.e. by €2.7 billion in total. Individual items in this category have been adjusted as well.

An additional €1.04 billion will be earmarked for items in the budget. Expenditures to cover further measures should mainly create room for processes related to drawing money from the Recovery and Resilience Plan, for increased contributions to the EU budget and hikes in the budgets of rail companies.