Pellegrini: EU and NATO Significant Pillars of Security and Prosperity

Pellegrini: EU and NATO Significant Pillars of Security and Prosperity

Warsaw, March 10 (TASR correspondent) – There’s still no realistic alternative to membership of the European Union (EU) and NATO; these two communities are sources of security and prosperity for Slovakia, said Slovak Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini (Smer-SD) during celebrations of the 20th anniversary of Poland’s accession to NATO in Warsaw on Sunday.

The premiers of the remaining Visegrad Four (V4) countries (the Czech Republic and Hungary) took part in the celebrations as well.

“Joining the EU and NATO didn’t have and still doesn’t have a reasonable or any other realistic alternative for our countries, and it’s our duty to strengthen the alliance within NATO, deepen transatlantic ties and seek a common language in talks with our neighbours,” said Pellegrini in his address.

According to Pellegrini, unity is currently the best available tool. “Our strength is in the ability to discuss differences between us and seek joint options in reaction to any challenges,” stressed the Slovak prime minister.

The significance of Slovakia’s active membership of international organisations is chiefly enhanced by a global competition, technological and information revolution and negative developments in the security environment, said the prime minister.

“Slovakia is a small country, and if we remain alone, we won’t become a bridge but very easy prey,” noted Pellegrini.

The Slovak prime minister views joining NATO as a strategic decision that has brought “the highest security guarantees that an international community can offer” to Slovakia. However, it’s brought a higher level of commitments and responsibility as well, he added.

“We, naturally, perceive the burden of responsibility primarily as an investment in security and protecting Slovakia’s sovereignty,” stated Pellegrini.