Police Detain Suspect of Environmental Crimes Regarding D4/R7 Bypass

Police Detain Suspect of Environmental Crimes Regarding D4/R7 Bypass

Bratislava, May 29 (TASR) – The police on Friday detained a person suspected of environmental crimes related to the construction of the Bratislava D4/R7 bypass, TASR was told by Bratislava regional police spokesperson Veronika Martiniakova on the same day.

TV Markiza reported that the detained person is general director of D4R7 Construction, for legal reasons described only as M. H.

It has been suspected for some time that contaminated materials and waste from illegal dumps have been used for earthworks on the construction site. The police have taken samples from the site.

In November 2019, then managing board member for the National Highway Company (NDS) Peter Gandl said that tests revealed instability of the foundations of a D4 stretch near Jarovce, which might be an even more serious problem than the presence of asbestos on the site.

D4R7 Construction, which has been denying any use of dangerous and otherwise inappropriate materials for the construction, confirmed to TASR that one of its managers was taken by police for interrogation earlier in the day.

The company expressed its surprise at such a course of action, as it claims that it’s been cooperating properly with the authorities, so it’d expect “reasonable treatment, with respect to the circumstances”.

In addition, D4R7 Construction complained that sensitive information on its staff was given to the media before anyone concerned was able to provide their take on the situation.