Politicians Send Sympathies to Bereaved After Bus Collision with Train, Leaving Six Dead

Politicians Send Sympathies to Bereaved After Bus Collision with Train, Leaving Six Dead
At least six people died in a collision between a bus and a train near Nove Zamky. In the photo by TASR, firefighter vehicles and ambulances approach the crash site on June 27, 2024

Bratislava, June 27 (TASR) - President Peter Pellegrini sent his condolences to relatives of the victims of the collision between a bus and an EuroCity train near the town of Nove Zamky (Nitra region) on Thursday and thanked first-aid responders for the job they've been doing in the aftermath of the crash.

"Even during the ongoing EU summit in Brussels, it is with profound grief that I've been following sad news from my homeland about the tragic crash of a train and a bus near Nove Zamky," posted the President online on a social network.

"I'm terribly sorry for all the victims and I'm sending my sympathies to the bereaved for their loss. I wish speedy recovery to the injured and thank doctors and rescuers for the job they've been doing. May such catastrophes avoid Slovakia in the future."

Six people are confirmed dead and at least another five injured in the crash between the bus and the EuroCity train near Nove Zamky.

Five ambulances and two helicopters were despatched to the crash site.

The collision occurred at Dvorska Cesta II/1503 street near Nove Zamky. The road has been rendered completely unpassable.

Interior Minister Matus Sutaj Estok (Voice-SD) and Police Vice-president for Internal Security and Order Rastislav Polakovic went to the crash site in person in the evening.

The minister expressed his condolences to the bereaved and thanked all rescuers. "It was with sadness that I learnt the news of a tragic collision of a train with a bus near Nove Zamky. I'm sending sympathies to the bereaved and wish the speediest recovery to the injured," Sutaj Estok posted on a social network.

Health Minister Zuzana Dolinkova (Voice-SD) responded in a similar vein.

"I'm very sorry for the lives that have been lost and my thoughts are with the bereaved," posted Transport Minister Jozef Raz Jr. (Smer-SD nominee).

The ZSSK railway carrier detailed that there were more than 100 passengers on the train at the time of the crash.

ZSSK spokesperson Dominik Drevicky reported that the train was EuroCity (EC) 279 going to Prague from Budapest. The locomotive and train driver were provided by the Czech carrier Ceske Drahy, with coaches and train staff seconded by ZSSK.