Pope Francis in Sastin: Faith Should Be Neither Sugary nor Quarrelsome

Pope Francis in Sastin: Faith Should Be Neither Sugary nor Quarrelsome

Sastin, September 15 (TASR) – Our Lady is a model of faith for the Slovak nation, of a walking pilgrim on her way, without remaining static, said Pope Francis in his sermon at the national pilgrimage to Our Lady of Sorrows, the patron saint of Slovakia, in Sastin (Trnava region) on Wednesday.

“She felt the need to open the door and leave her house. She became a living embodiment of God’s impatience to address all people and save them with his love,” said Francis, adding that the Virgin Mary selected unknown ways instead of staying in the comfort zone of her usual life.

Faith should be neither sugary, nor quarrelsome; it should bring forth an alternative to both, which is goodness, he said.

“Jesus is a sign that will be resisted,” said the pontiff in reference to Simeon’s prophecy as narrated in Luke’s Gospel. He continued by stating that the faithful should also be a sign that will meet resistance.

“It isn’t about being cosy with the world, but being a sign that will be resisted, being Christians who’ll be able to show by their lives the beauty of the Gospel and promote dialogue where diverse opinions are present, and Christians who make brotherly love manifest in a society dominated by division and contention,” said Francis, adding that today’s Slovakia needs such “prophets”.

The pope also called for a compassionate faith that displays solidarity with those in need.