President Calls on Slovaks to Use Their Franchise on Saturday

President Calls on Slovaks to Use Their Franchise on Saturday
President Zuzana Caputova, stock photo by TASR

Bratislava, September 27 (TASR) - President Zuzana Caputova urged Slovaks to take part in Saturday's (September 30) early parliamentary election.

"On no other day do you hold such power in your hands as on the election day and I'd like to ask you to use it," the head of state declared in her special Wednesday address to the nation.

In her view, people shouldn't seek perfect politicians but vote for those who advocate positions closest to their values instead.

"Let us not get blinded by the coarseness of this campaign and its topics. Even in this election, it'll be mostly about health care, the quality of our schools, help for people in need, building of infrastructure, responsible governance and opportunities that we create for our children, so that they won't have to seek them elsewhere in the world," said the president.

For the head of state, the 2023 election is also about the courage not to succumb to fears that many attempt to raise. "It's about our self-confidence, as voters, that we're capable of believing in democracy and don't need to back away towards autocracy. It's about us being able to see the power of a politician in his arguments and abilities, and not in the clamour he makes at press conferences and on social networks. And it'll be also about where we'd like to belong as a state," added the president.