Prime Minister Urges People to Participate in Election

Prime Minister Urges People to Participate in Election
Prime Minister Ludovit Odor, stock photo by TASR

Bratislava, September 27 (TASR) - Prime Minister Ludovit Odor encouraged people to participate in Saturday's (September 30) parliamentary election.

"Go and make a choice. It's your country, the country of your children and their future. Don't let others decide on your behalf. Slovakia can and should be the country for us all. The country, in which living could be joyful," Odor stated in his Wednesday speech.

Also at stake is how young and talented people feel in Slovakia and whether they're planning to stay in the country, warned Odor. The choice made in this election will bear a direct impact on whether Slovakia manages to put its public finances into order and invest into the future growth of its economy. And last but not least, the choice made in the election will decide whether the principles of the rule of law apply to everyone equally and decide Slovakia's future in the EU and NATO.

In order for Slovakia to become a successful and self-confident country, a joint effort is needed. "I wish that we overcome the feelings of disappointment, reject anger and belligerence, lies and all displays of arrogant behaviour," claimed Odor.

The Prime Minister called himself an optimist. "In the watershed moments when the character of the state was at stake - when Slovakia's European affiliation was at stake - we've never lost our orientation," he declared, adding that that's why Slovakia is an internationally respected partner today. "I trust that we can do it again. I trust that our moral and values-based compass won't fail."