Remisova: No One in State Administration Knows about All IT Systems

Remisova: No One in State Administration Knows about All IT Systems

Bratislava, May 26 (TASR) – There isn’t a single person in state administration who can imagine what IT systems exist in individual ministries, what electronic services are available to people, how many of them they actually use and what their costs are, Vice-premier for Investments and Informatisation Veronika Remisova (For the People) said in her address at this year’s ITAPA spring conference on Tuesday.

The vice-premier also pointed out that it’s a pity that on the threshold of a digital transformation and 16 years after Slovakia began drawing EU funds for informatisation, it’s still the case that the state must first clean up and demolish old systems and only then start working properly.

“In recent years, informatisation, and especially the part related to EU funds, has become first and foremost a business model for sponging off the state, and it’s given various dishonest companies the opportunity to grow and get rich,” stressed Remisova, reiterating that transparency is at the top of her priorities in the field of informatisation. In this context, she wants to publish an overview of companies and suppliers working on state IT.

The vice-premier also wants to bring better services to people, emphasising that her office will set clear priorities. First of all she wants to find out whether people need a specific service at all and whether it makes their lives any easier.

The deputy prime minister went on to say that she’ll bring spending under more scrutiny. “Today, it’s clear to everyone that we’ll face an unprecedented budgetary situation in the next few years. We’ll flip every euro twice until we invest, and state IT won’t be any exception,” she added.