SaS Doesn't Agree with Tax Bonus But Won't Veto It

SaS Doesn't Agree with Tax Bonus But Won't Veto It

Bratislava, May 11 (TASR) – The coalition Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) party doesn’t agree with the proposed tax bonus for children but won’t veto it, said SaS chairman Richard Sulik following the Government session on Wednesday.

The economy minister considers the proposal to be bad and unfair, and the liberals also don’t like the fact that it is to be financed by reducing the budgets of local governments. Sulik confirmed that his party won’t vote in favour of this proposal in Parliament.

“The Government will okay it, and if they want to push it through Parliament; for example, with the votes of Voice-SD, if it’s worth it for them … we won’t raise our hands [for] it,” said Sulik, adding that the bonus is set in an unfortunate way that “takes from the poor, gives to the rich”.

The SaS also criticised the funding for the tax bonus, which was originally allocated for local governments. “They’ve suffered a lot, they’ve had to bear significantly higher costs in connection with the pandemic, aid for refugees from Ukraine and now increased energy prices as well,” he stressed.

In the case of the remaining measures, child allowances and vouchers for leisure activities, Sulik pointed out that SaS isn’t against the expenditures themselves but against the fact that they should increase existing taxes and introduce new ones. “That’s why we’re going to veto that,” he said.

Prime Minister Eduard Heger (OLaNO) pointed out in response that in the Government Manifesto the coalition expressed its intention to reduce the tax burden on labour and increase it on consumption, assets and negative external factors. “There is nothing about us not increasing taxes in the approved Government Manifesto. I’ve also reminded Mr. Sulik of this. It’s unacceptable to draw red lines that are in conflict with the Government Manifesto,” said the premier.