Slovak Central Bank Governor Peter Kazimir Faces Charges of Bribery

Slovak Central Bank Governor Peter Kazimir Faces Charges of Bribery

Bratislava, October 12 (TASR) – Former finance minister (2012-19) and incumbent Slovak Central Bank (NBS) Governor Peter Kazimir faces charges of bribery, TASR learnt on Tuesday.

According to website that first broke the news, the charges were pressed by the Special Prosecutor’s Office (USP) and concern a bribe of about €50,000 that Kazimir allegedly delivered as a sort of middleman to former Financial Administration head Frantisek I. [name abbreviated due to legal reasons].

Neither the prosecutor’s office nor the police have confirmed the news yet. “At this stage, we can’t provide any information,” Police Corps Presidium spokesperson Denisa Bardyova told TASR.

Kazimir rejected any accusations of bribery raised against him.

“I’ve got no information of nor I’m aware of any violation of the law, and I’ve never had any interest to influence any proceedings,” claimed Kazimir.

The former finance minister added that he “doesn’t feel guilty of any crime” and averred that what’s included as facts in the resolution to press charges is not true and any corroborating evidence is lacking.

Later on Tuesday, Kazimir’s lawyer Ondrej Mularcik confirmed to TASR that he will file a complaint against the decision to press charges, which was delivered to Kazimir on the same day.

“He’s indicted with bribery and we’ll lodge a complaint against the charges,” claimed Mularcik, adding that he can’t provide any closer information at this stage.