Slovak Politicians Offer Congratulations to Joe Biden

Slovak Politicians Offer Congratulations to Joe Biden

Bratislava, November 7 (TASR) – The close cooperation between USA and Slovakia is bound to continue, Prime Minister Igor Matovic (OLaNO) posted on Facebook and congratulated Joe Biden on his election as the next US President on Saturday.

Matovic expects the EU and USA to become global and engaged allies, while noting that winning “our fight against COVID-19” will be “key to mark this new chapter”.

According to Slovak President Zuzana Caputova, when faced with two options, Americans chose the path of reconciliation and stability. Although the US presidential election results are not yet official, “everything points” to Joe Biden’s victory, noted Caputova.

“I hope that the future US president will contribute towards the bolstering of trans-Atlantic unity and alliance, closer cooperation between USA and EU, more involvement and leadership regarding the issue of climate change and also full participation of the USA in the commitments stemming from Paris climate agreement,” stated the Slovak head of state.

Slovakia stands ready for close cooperation with the future US president,  declared chief of Slovak diplomacy Ivan Korcok (SaS nominee).

Still waiting for definitive and official results, the Slovak diplomacy thus hasn’t extended official congratulations to Joe Biden yet, although Korcok voiced his hope that US-EU ties will firm up. “We need each other more than ever before,” he posted on Facebook.

“Of equal importance in my view is that American institutions must secure a smooth and peaceful transition to the next administration in accordance with the Constitution and laws of the USA,” said Korcok.

Foreign ministry’s state secretary Martin Klus (of SaS) hopes that Donald Trump’s effort to cast aspersions over the US election won’t have any impact on the rule of law and democratic institutions in the USA. “His refusal to respect the election result carries an enormous risk because it sets the precedent everywhere else in the world. This will have significant impact on the trust in democracy per se,” he warned.

Democratic candidate Biden became the winner of US presidential race on Saturday after he secured victory in the state of Pennsylvania. Biden surpassed the 270 electoral vote threshold and thus defeated his opposite number, incumbent President Donald Trump.
Trump, however, refuses to acknowledge his defeat and vowed “this election is far from over”, announcing that he would seek unspecified legal action.