Smer-SD: Robert Fico to Vie for Position of Prime Minister

Smer-SD: Robert Fico to Vie for Position of Prime Minister
Smer-SD chair Robert Fico (stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, August 27 (TASR) - If Smer-SD wins the 2023 early parliamentary election and puts together a majority, chairman Robert Fico will vie for the post of prime minister, the Smer-SD press department declared on Sunday.

Smer-SD responded this way to televised claims of Slovak National Party (SNS) chair Andrej Danko, according to whom Fico's party had struck a deal with Peter Pellegrini's Voice-SD to form the next government together in exchange for granting the post of prime minister to Voice-SD irrespective of election results.

"As the chairman of Smer-SD, I'm stating very clearly that if Smer-SD wins the next parliamentary election and we put together a coalition, I will vie for the position of the prime minister of the Slovak Republic for the fourth time," underlined Fico.

Smer-SD denied any claims of post-election cooperation deals with any other party.

On the other hand, Smer-SD openly promotes the creation of a post-election coalition with Voice-SD and also praised the constructive cooperation it had with SNS, under Danko's leadership, in 2016-20.