Stats Office: Trade Balance Saw Surplus of €357.2 mn in October

Stats Office: Trade Balance Saw Surplus of €357.2 mn in October

Bratislava, January 9 (TASR) – Slovakia posted a trade-balance surplus of €357.2 million in October 2019, up €53.2 million year-on-year, the Statistics Office revealed in its detailed report for October on Thursday.

The country exported goods worth €7.825 billion, up 1.9 percent y-o-y. Imports reached €7.468 billion, increasing by 1.3 percent y-o-y.

Meanwhile, Slovakia reported a trade-balance surplus of €1.022 billion in the January-October period. Goods worth a total of €67.307 billion were exported, recording an increase of 2.2 percent y-o-y. Imports amounted to €66.285 billion, up by 4.6 percent y-o-y.

In the same period the highest surpluses were recorded in trade with Germany (€4.415 billion), the United Kingdom (€2.471 billion), France (€2.217 billion), Austria (€1.629 billion), the United States (€1.36 billion), Poland (€1.248 billion), Italy (€934.1 million), Spain (€919.4 million), Hungary (€847.9 million), the Czech Republic (€734.8 million) and Romania (€634 million).

Conversely, the biggest deficits were in trade with Vietnam (€3.361 billion), South Korea (€3.294 billion), China (€2.623 billion), Russia (€2.519 billion), Malaysia (€392 million), Japan (€323.7 million) and Taiwan (€313.9 million).

Exports to the EU were up by 1.1 percent y-o-y, accounting for 84.3 percent of the country’s total exports, while exports to OECD countries rose by 1.4 percent to make up 87.9 percent of exports.

Imports from the EU were up by 5.9 percent y-o-y, accounting for 67.3 percent of the country’s total imports, while imports from OECD countries rose by 2.1 percent to make up 65.4 percent of imports.