The largest Slovak poultry processor exports mainly abroad

The largest Slovak poultry processor exports mainly abroad
Foto: EU Poultry

Bratislava February 27 (TASR/OTS) - Production of quality chicken meat is exported from the village of Horné Saliby to 22 countries. EU Poultry s.r.o. is an important long-term partner of merchants and the gastronomy sector throughout Europe. Slovak chicken products are served on the plates of Dutch, Italians, and French.

Did you know that in France there is a magazine called "60 Million Consumers"? According to the statistical office Eurostat, the entire European Union had 448 million inhabitants in January 2023. It is a huge market that consumes around 13 million tons of poultry meat annually.

The region may seem geographically and consumer-wise uniform, but individual markets are different. They have their own specifics and nuances. It was also one of the reasons why the processing company EU Poultry was established in Slovakia in Horné Saliby near Galanta. "It weighed the stable and legislatively transparent business environment and the geographic location of Slovakia almost in the heart of Europe. It allows us to quickly and on time distribute products to neighboring countries," says Yaroslav Pukach, CCO, EU Poultry s.r.o.

The company EU Poultry imports over 40,000 tons of chicken meat annually, which it processes within a few hours and distributes products to 22 European countries. The largest volume goes to the Czech Republic (22%). A similar volume of production (21%) is realized domestically in Slovakia, which by far does not cover the deficit and Slovak self-sufficiency in poultry meat. However, a larger part, approximately 57%, is exported to the rest of Europe, including Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, as well as France, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, and other countries.

"Last year, we achieved revenues of 158 million euros. This allows us to invest in innovation and a range of value-added products. We want to continue developing strong production in Slovakia," says Yaroslav Pukach, adding, "We will employ almost 400 more people in the planned new company in the near future."

About EU Poultry, s.r.o.
We are a Slovak company, a specialist in the processing and distribution of high-quality chicken meat and meat products. We deliver to 22 European countries. We process over 40,000 tons of chicken meat annually. For the year 2023, we achieved sales of more than 158 million euros. We have had our production and storage facilities near the town of Horné Saliby since 2017. We employ over 300 people. You can find EU Poultry at and also on the social networks YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn