EXCLUSIVE: Bulgarian Minister Mitov on TABLET.TV

"Because of the Ukrainian crisis, there is typical organized spreading of dezinformation", stated a boss of bulgarian diplomacy Daniel Mitov in an exclusive interview with Pavol Demes.


Bratislava, March 10 (TABLET.TV) – Bulgarian foreign minister Daniel Mitov was on Thursday March 5 at the official one day visit of Slovak Republic. He met the vice-chairman of parliament and the Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of Slovak Republic Miroslav Lajcak, who has invited him. Further, he negotiated with the Prime Minister Robert Fico and he was also accepted by the President of Slovak Republic Andrej Kiska, who is going to an official planned visit to Sofia this year. The main theme of bilateral interviews was the Ukrainian crisis.

Bulgarian Minister D. Mitov had a time in his fully planned schedule and in the afternoon came for a visit to our studio. He gave an exclusive interview to Pavol Demes in a TV show CD klub.