Andrej Danko to Head Slovak National Party Slate in 2020 Election

Andrej Danko to Head Slovak National Party Slate in 2020 Election

Bratislava, November 19 (TASR) – Slovak National Party (SNS) Chairman Andrej Danko told a news conference on Tuesday that he’ll lead the party into the 2020 general election and that he’ll be followed on the slate by current SNS MPs.

According to preferential votes in the previous parliamentary election, which will be taken into account when determining the order of candidates, Danko should be followed on the slate by vice-chairs Jaroslav Paska and Eva Smolikova.

“I’m proud that SNS is the only political party that hasn’t been abandoned by a single MP,” said Danko, adding that it’s a stable party with no internal problems.

Membership of the party is a precondition for inclusion on the slate. Danko noted that Education Minister Martina Lubyova has asked to join the party and that her request has been accepted. Lubyova has been holding the post of education minister to date as a party nominee.

Danko didn’t go into more detail about the slate. He did say, however, that its composition will reflect the results of the previous parliamentary election [i.e. preferential votes cast. – ed. note]

When asked whether SNS will include members of other parties, such as Voice of the People, on its slate, the SNS leader emphasised that only party members will feature. Voice of the People chairman and non-affiliated MP Peter Marcek said earlier on Tuesday that he’d met Danko and will meet him again to discuss potential cooperation. Danko stressed that if MPs or people who have left other political parties want to run on the SNS slate, they should apply to join the party.

The general election is set to be held on February 29, 2020.