Benova Becomes Quaestor and Member of EP Presidency

Benova Becomes Quaestor and Member of EP Presidency

Brussels/Strasbourg/Bratislava, July 4 (TASR-correspondent) – MEPs elected five new quaestors for the first two-and-a-half years of the 9th legislative term of the European Parliament, with Slovak MEP Monika Benova (Smer-SD) from the Socialist and Democrats political group (S&D) among them, TASR learnt on the same day.

The quaestors at the European Parliament deal with the financial and administrative interests of Members of the European Parliament themselves.

The five new post-holders were elected by acclamation. The five candidates received the following numbers of votes to determine their order of precedence: French MEP Anne Sander (EPP, 407 votes), Monika Benova (S&D, 391), Maltese MEP David Casa (EPP, 391), French MEP Gilles Boyer (Renew Europe, 317), and Polish MEP Karol Karski (ECR, 261).

“I’m pleased that I personally and Slovakia managed to achieve such success. The second highest number of votes and election to the European Parliament presidency is both an honour and a success. I’ll continue to do my best,” Benova told TASR.

Slovakia’s first ever quaestor was MEP Vladimir Manka (Smer-SD) in the previous electoral term of the European Parliament.