Bugar: Most-Hid Won't Join Coalition with LSNS or Smer-SD

Bugar: Most-Hid Won't Join Coalition with LSNS or Smer-SD

Bratislava, February 20 (TASR) – The junior governing Most-Hid party won’t join a coalition with the far-right LSNS or with its current coalition partner Smer-SD, Most-Hid chairman Bela Bugar promised in an ‘agreement with citizens’ that he presented at a press conference in Parliament on Thursday.

The document also states that the party wants to promote changes aimed at cleansing the judiciary and prosecution service.

In the ‘agreement with citizens’, Bugar speaks about a personal commitment and promise. The party backed its decision not to enter into a government with LSNS by pledging to combat any form of extremism and people who create tension and profit from fear. The agreement also states that the party undertakes “not to support and not to join a coalition with Smer-SD”.

Bugar didn’t rule out post-election cooperation with OLaNO, although he has a problem with its leader Igor Matovic. “OLaNO are people, also here in Parliament, with whom it’s possible [to cooperate], and we’ve cooperated several times with them. It’s impossible with Matovic,” he said, adding that the party must “resolve Matovic”.

If the party makes it into Parliament after the election, Most-Hid wants to promote, for example, further changes that will lead to the cleansing of the judiciary, the prosecution service and the police. It also proposes changing subsidies in agriculture in order to help the development of the regions. It wants to complete the D1 motorway and continue the construction of expressways, while pushing through an amendment to the Citizenship Act.
In most recent surveys, Most-Hid has been closely below the 5-percent threshold needed to make it into Parliament.