Bugar Offered His Post of Party Chair, Party Leadership Refused It

Bugar Offered His Post of Party Chair, Party Leadership Refused It

Bratislava, June 13 (TASR) – I offered my post at the party leadership meeting but the senior party officials rejected it, Most-Hid Chairman Bela Bugar said on Thursday to journalists, while Most-Hid’s next steps to be taken in the future should be discussed by the Republican Council next week.

When asked whether he will also offer his post there, Bugar replied that he won’t say anything through the media.

“There are various negotiations. We have a Republican Council meeting next week. There are many options, including personnel. If I say I offer my post, the party bodies must agree and they must know what it includes,” he stated, adding that the party is looking for ways to activate its members. In connection with the possibility of co-operation with the ethnic-Hungarian SMK, he added that Most-Hid had already offered co-operation, so the ball is now on the SMK side.

In the last elections, namely to the European Parliament (EP), Most-Hid won only 2.59 percent of the votes and did not take a single seat in the EP. So far, it has had one MEP Jozsef Nagy. The party dealt with the EU elections as well as with the next steps at the party presidium at the beginning of June. It agreed that it did not propose a change at the helm of the party in the 2020 general election.

At the same time, the party does not exclude co-operation between Hungarian forces but rejects the conditions of other parties. It says it can collaborate with anyone who does not challenge Most-Hid’s core values. The party rejects a policy based on stimulating tension and professes the values of co-operation and openness. Most-Hid’s goal is also to represent the regions and national minorities both in Parliament and in the Government after 2020 as well.