Bugar Quits Alliance Party, Blames SMK for Not Adhering to Agreements

Bugar Quits Alliance Party, Blames SMK for Not Adhering to Agreements

Bratislava, May 3 (TASR) – Former Most-Hid leader Bela Bugar is quitting the ethnic-Hungarian Alliance party that has been formed by merger of the extra-parliamentary Most-Hid, SMK and Osszefogas-Spolupatricnost parties.

Explaining his departure, Bugar on a social network stated that the SMK platform hasn’t been adhering to agreements that had been “achieved so hard”.

Alliance Republican Council chair Laszlo Solymos added that the whole Most-Hid platform operating in Samorin (Trnava region) is quitting the Alliance party, as the agreement on candidates for the autumn local elections failed to be achieved in the town.

According to Solymos, the SMK platform wants to squeeze out the remaining ones in Samorin. “Unfortunately, SMK’s local representatives in Samorin did not understand that if they incite conflicts in the Alliance and fail to accept compromises, they go against themselves,” he said.

“Due to the tension in the party, the whole Most-Hid platform in Samorin, led by the man who has been a prominent figure of ethnic-Hungarian politics in Slovakia for many decades, announced it is quitting the party today,” said Solymos. He stressed that Alliance representatives will have to agree in more than 500 towns and villages so that the party enters the autumn elections in a good condition. “Those preferring their interests to interests of the whole community are, unfortunately, decreasing chances of the whole Alliance,” he said.

Most-Hid platform chief Konrad Rigo has posted on a social network he’s sorry about Bugar leaving the Alliance party. “We ushered the Most-Hid party into Alliance jointly, as we believed that this path will lead us forwards after 2020. I still believe that this path is the path of the future,” he said.