CoFoE: MEP Pollak: Many Recommendations in Line with Ongoing Discussions

CoFoE: MEP Pollak: Many Recommendations in Line with Ongoing Discussions

Brussels, May 30 (TASR) – Many of the recommendations produced by the Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE) are in line with ongoing discussions or policies that are already the subject of reform efforts, Slovak MEP Peter Pollak has told TASR.

According to Pollak, these topics include “the area of climate change, closely related to the transition to a green or digital economy, the area of energy and the transition to renewable sources, a circular economy and reforms affecting the health-care and social sectors.”

The MEP considers it most important that “these policies, which look good on paper, deliver concrete results in the form of positive changes for every EU citizen”. Pollak assessed the conference and its final report positively, “taking into account that most of the activities took place during the pandemic, in virtual space”.

Pollak appreciated the fact that the CoFoE organisers managed to establish a dialogue with a certain number of citizens and to engage them in EU policy-making. However, he pointed out that the conference failed to “arouse greater interest and the involvement of those citizens who are not interested in what is happening at the European level, who do not feel European at heart for various reasons, or, because of their social status or poverty, have not had an opportunity to present their views”.

Regarding possible changes to the wording of the Union’s basic treaties, Pollak agreed with a presented informal document in which ten EU-member countries have warned against hasty changes.

“Changes to the Union’s basic treaties should be approached with respect and caution. Such a move should be taken after a careful and considered decision by all EU-member states,” he said.