Court on COVID-19 Video: Mazurek to Pay €20,000 to Doctor Sabaka and Apologise

Court on COVID-19 Video: Mazurek to Pay €20,000 to Doctor Sabaka and Apologise

Bratislava, December 29 (TASR) – Former far-right LSNS MP Milan Mazurek, currently affiliated with non-parliamentary Republic party, will need to pay €20,000 in non-material damages to infectologist Peter Sabaka over a video posted on a social network, in which Mazurek accused doctors of segregating the unvaccinated and stirring up hatred against them, a Kezmarok District Court has decided.

The decision is not yet final and can be appealed.

Aside from the fine, the MP is obligated to delete the video and post his apology on the social network, TASR was told by Presov Regional Court spokesperson Ivana Petrufova.

In response, Mazurek called the court verdict unprecedented, insane, and announced that he will file a criminal lawsuit against the judge for the bending of law. “None of the lawyers I consulted this with have ever seen anything like this. Juraj Steffel (the judge) simply abused his power to ruin my life and deprive me of my income in one fell swoop,” claimed the MP.

Doctor Peter Sabaka, who works with COVID-19 patients in Bratislava Kramare hospital, sued Republic chair Milan Uhrik and Milan Mazurek over the deliberate dissemination of lies about him on Facebook.

“Enough is enough. I see this as a public service. It’s unacceptable to have someone gain political points by disseminating lies about someone else. That’s not a fair game,” Sabaka told in November.