Alena Zs. Sentenced for Involvement in Murder of Mayor

Alena Zs. (stock photo by TASR)

Banska Bystrica, December 4 (TASR) – The Specialised Criminal Court in Banska Bystrica on Friday convicted Alena Zs., known to the public as an associate of businessman Marian K., for involvement in the premeditated murder of former mayor of Hurbanovo (Nitra region) Laszlo Basternak in 2010.

Alena Zs. received a 21-year prison sentence, as did another accused, identified only as Roman O. However, the announcement of the sentence was interrupted after a court clerk fainted at the trial.

The murder was allegedly ordered by Roman O., with Alena Zs. serving as an intermediary. She’s also charged with having a similar role in what should have been the murders of now prosecutor-general-elect Maros Zilinka, Prosecutor-General’s Office prosecutor Peter Sufliarsky and former justice and interior minister, now barrister Daniel Lipsic. Meanwhile, Alena Zs. was exonerated a few months ago along with Marian K. concerning the murder of journalist Jan Kuciak in early 2018. This latter case will still be dealt with by the Supreme Court.

The Specialised Criminal Court in the Basternak murder case also convicted a certain Vladimir M., who’s already been serving a prison sentence for a different violent crime. Meanwhile, Stefan Kaluz, who gunned down Basternak, was sentenced earlier to 25 years.