Constitutional Court Doesn’t Suspend New Rules for PG Election

Prosecutor-General's Office (stock photo by TASR)

Kosice, October 21 (TASR) – The Constitutional Court has rejected a motion to suspend the force of an amendment to the Prosecutor’s Office Act, which lays down new rules for electing the prosecutor-general and special prosecutor, court spokeswoman Martina Ferencova said on Wednesday.

A group of opposition MPs along with the Prosecutor-General’s Office requested the move. The planned election of a new prosecutor-general will thus take place according to the new rules. At the same time, the Constitutional Court accepted proposals for further proceedings to assess whether the amendment is constitutional.

The amendment allows non-prosecutors to run for the post of prosecutor-general and also scraps a clause that currently allows only prosecutors of the Prosecutor-General’s Office to run for the post of special prosecutor.

Opposition party Smer-SD and the Prosecutor-General’s Office challenged the amendment at the Constitutional Court, claiming that it is unconstitutional.