Danko: One of Lassakova and Mamojka Duo Shouldn’t Be Judge

Parliamentary Chair Andrej Danko (stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, December 14 (TASR) – One half of the duo of Jana Lassakova and Mojmir Mamojka shouldn’t have become a Constitutional Court judge, as both were elected as hopefuls vying for the same vacancy at the Constitutional Court, and President Andrej Kiska should have picked only one of the two, said Parliamentary Chair and Slovak National Party (SNS) leader Andrej Danko on Thursday.

Danko claimed that he regrets being unable to prevent Lassakova’s and Mamojka’s appointments to two posts.

“They knew that one of them was bound to become a Constitutional Court judge and the other was supposed to endure rejection. That’s the basic principle of a double amount. If someone says that the Constitutional Court lumped in all candidates together, they’re lying,” stated Danko.

The parliamentary chair pointed out that three vacancies were created at the Constitutional Court in 2014, with Parliament electing six candidates to these three posts via two resolutions. “However, these are completely separate posts, times and groups. The six candidates had to face the fact that one half would become judges and one half wouldn’t. Later, he [Kiska] chose Lassakova and Mamojka for different spots. It’s not possible to interchange these groups,” averred Danko, adding that some of the unappointed candidates might now lodge a complaint with the Constitutional Court. Danko wants to revise the process in Parliament so that individual candidates can’t be interchanged in the future.

Kiska on Thursday appointed Mojmir Mamojka, 67, Jana Lassakova, 65, and Miroslav Duris, 51, as constitutional judges for a 12-year period. He thus put an end to a three-year dispute with Parliament. He had serious reservations concerning the qualifications of the candidates elected by the House.