Disciplinary Proceedings against Harabin Interrupted by Falling Light

Supreme Court judge Stefan Harbin (stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, May 10 (TASR) – Disciplinary proceedings against Supreme Court judge Stefan Harabin had to be postponed at the very beginning because the glass part of a ceiling light fell directly on the seats that were supposed to be occupied by Harabin and his lawyer in the court room, TASR learnt on Tuesday.

The glass part shattered upon hitting the seats. Fortunately, the two weren’t sitting in their places at that moment. The glass part fell when the panel was pondering an objection from Harabin, so the court room was empty at the time. The disciplinary panel chair postponed the proceedings until 2 p.m.

The disciplinary panel is deciding on Tuesday on a disciplinary proposal filed by Judicial Council chair Jana Bajankova over Harabin’s statements concerning Supreme Court chair Daniela Svecova. Lawyer and Judicial Council member Jan Havlat is representing Bajankova in court on Tuesday. Harabin objected to this, claiming that Bajankova is irreplaceable in this case.

“The parliamentary chair can’t be replaced by a lawyer to open a [parliamentary] session,” said Harabin by way of illustration to the disciplinary panel. He explained that the power to file disciplinary proposals has been transferred from the Judicial Council to the chair of this judicial body.

“Everyone has a right to a lawyer,” reacted Havlat for the media.

Bajankova wants a fine to be levied on the former chief of the Supreme Court and for his salary to be cut by 30 percent for a period of three years over his statements that Svecova is “in her own way pitiful” and someone who might “end up in a psychiatric hospital”.

“These [my statements] are true. Just look at her eye tics. I’ll request that her mental state should be examined, as she might actually end up in a psychiatric hospital if she doesn’t stop obeying the orders of politicians,” Harabin told the media before the hearing. He even added that Bajankova also belongs in a psychiatric hospital because she, in his view, follows politicians’ instructions despite the fact that she’s the chair of an independent judicial body.