Fake Police Officer Attempts to Collect Fine on R1 Expressway

Fake police officer on R1. (Photo published by the police)

Nitra, May 18 (TASR) – A fake police officer attempted to collect a fine for a supposed misdemeanour on the R1 expressway near Nitra on Thursday, TASR learnt from Nitra regional police directorate spokesperson Renata Cuhakova on the same day.

Driving a VW Passat with flashing lights behind the front windscreen, the impostor halted another car beyond the Nitra-West exit in the direction of Banska Bystrica at around 9 a.m. He claimed that his colleagues had notified him that the car was speeding. Refusing to prove his identity, he demanded a fine to be paid on the spot.

“The people in the car kept their wits about them, and apart from contacting the police immediately, they also took a picture of the suspect,” said the police spokesperson.

In the picture the man can be seen wearing a black baseball cap without any inscription and a T-shirt resembling a reflective vest over a black police-like T-shirt. Cuhakova noted that police T-shirts feature a police badge on the sleeves, and that every officer has their identification numbers and name tags on the front of their clothing.